Model Laith Ashley Shares Powerful Moment With His Mom on ‘Strut’

By Alamin Yohannes, NBC News

On this week’s episode of “Strut,” an Oxygen reality series about transgender models, viewers will see a major step in Laith Ashley’s life during a chat over coffee. The model, whose mother has struggled with his transition, calls him her son for the first time.
While Ashley is very close to his mother, his transition has been a complex issue for the two to navigate. She has issues with using his preferred pronouns, and her religious beliefs compound the problem by making it difficult for her to understand. Watch the scene in the exclusive clip below:

“Essentially the only thing that really separates us is my transition,” Ashley says in episode.

While Ashley’s mother does struggle with him being transgender, she supports his career and frequently shows his modeling photos.
Ashley is the sole transman on “Strut,” which is executive produced by Whoopi Goldberg. Trans models Isis King, Ren Spriggs, Dominique Jackson and Arisce Wanzer are also featured on the series. Viewers can follow each of their journeys as they navigate the modeling world and try to make a name for themselves in the industry.

“Strut” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Oxygen.

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